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Grand Builds is an Ohio Pole Barns and garage builder for over 30 years,
proudly covers the majority of Ohio and Indiana.  
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About Grand Builds

Servicing All Of Ohio & Indiana for Pole Barns and Garage Builds


At Grand Builds Pole Barns and Garages are our only business. This allows us to operate at the highest efficiency production level. Since our skilled craftsmen have our building process down to a science, it saves a lot of labor cost - a savings we can pass along to you, the customer. Most of our customers are amazed how efficiently and proficiently our buildings (or pole barns and garages) go up.

Due to our large volume of construction, we purchase our building materials for less than a typical building contractor and pass the savings on to our customers. In many cases our standard package is the equivalent of our competitor’s deluxe package, but for a lower cost. It is like offering customers a new automobile with the extras, versus just the standard automobile for the same price.

Grand Builds' custom, stick-built-on-site garages provide more attention to details compared with a pre-fab building that has been preassembled and then transported to the site. Our finished products complement existing homes and landscaping.

We partner with our customers to create functional and attractive pole barn designs. Unlike pre-fab kits, Grand Builds pole barns are customized construction, allowing us to create pole barns with total flexibility and versatility. We create custom buildings tailored to your individual needs, budget and style. All of the material used in our Pole Barns are reputable, known brand names. No seconds of any sort are used.

30 years of experience in Pole Barn & garage building


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We have taken the guess work out of picking the perfect color for your home.

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Quality Pole Barns Construction - Local Pole Barns Company


All of the material used in our Pole Barns are reputable, known brand names. No seconds of any sort are used.

Great custom garages, stick-framed on site, this allows us total flexibility and versatility to custom build your pole barns in a unique way or to a unique size. We are not limited to just certain dimensions or styles. Each garage is built to suit each individual’s needs, whether from a design standpoint or budget amount.

We are a local contractor you can trust. When a Grand Builds customer contracts with us they can be assured that all of our workmen are insured as well as our company. This gives our customers peace of mind in a day when so many small companies and contractors are not insured, placing the customer at a much greater risk than many realize.

  • Ridge ventilation

  • 2-ply truss supports

  • Steel rodent guard at base

  • 29 ga. steel roof, sides, trim

  • 2’ O/C 2x4 roof purlins

  • 42” post holes with concrete footings

  • 4’ O/C trusses @ 4/12 pitcH

  • 2’ O/C 2x4 side girts

  • Rebar through post to prevent uplift

  • 8’ O/C glue lam sidewall columnS

  • Treated 2x8 skirt at ground line

Our Comparison

Our Comparison With Out Competitors

Competitor Grand Builds
29 ga 28ga Roof Siding
1.2x8 Q+y 2-2x6 Treated Skirt Boards
60” Deep Holes
In Business over 30 Years
3/8 rebar Q+y 2 Full 2x6 Anti Lift
Trusses 2’ oc
Lam Columns 8 oc
#2 #2 Premium 2x4 Purlins 2’ oc
2# Trusses With 5# Bottom Cord
Our Client Testimonials

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What a Great Job!

I can’t say enough of the work man slip and timeliness of the crews!

Jerry Lima

Pole Building

Every one comments on what a gorges building. The gays was here on time worked hard everyday, and

it was done before I Know it! Thanks Grand.

Lou ann

Indian Lake
Custom Garage by Grand Builds

I’m extremely particular and I am impressed! What a great job!


Van Wert
Custom Garage by Grand Builds

Great Price, Great looking garage!


Pole Barn Building by Grand Builds

On time, one budget bacterial barn.


St Paris
Custom Garage by Grand Builds

I love my shop!

Everything is excellent including the concrete floor!



WOW what a bran, What a great concrete floor!


Auburn In.
Pole Barn Building by Grand Builds

Quality work, Quality Materials, Fast, efficient, Quality


Part Clinton

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