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Custom Garage Options

  • Custom built quality at below pre-fab prices.

  • Floating slabs, monolithic footers or block foundations.

  • Concrete floors with a quality finish and option of raised curbs.

  • No short cuts on framing.

  • 16” O.C. wall studs.

  • Solid O.S.B. board for wall sheathing.

  • Steel entrance doors.

  • Maintenance free steel overhead doors, standard or insulated.

  • Siding options of Vinyl, Wood, Cement Board and Metal.

  • Pre-engineered roof trusses or conventional rafters.

  • O.S.B. board or plywood roof sheathing.

  • Roofing felt paper and drip edge under shingles.

  • 25 year three tab shingles, 30, 35 or 55 year Dimensional Shingles.

  • Steel roofing also available.

  • Maintenance free vinyl, or metal siding and soffits in several colors.

Grand Builds can truly offer you “Top Of The Line” quality at the lowest competitive prices! With our huge volume, we can purchase many materials directly from the manufacturer! Our crew efficiency has been streamlined to a high degree because we specialize in Pole Barns & Garages and Post Frame Buildings exclusively!


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